Wet-Stop3 Review

Wet-Stop is perhaps the oldest brand selling bedwetting alarm systems across the globe. Just like other alarms, this one is also a clinically effective treatment for bedwetting with all required features at a highly reasonable price. Wet-Stop 3 is perhaps the latest addition to the existing collection of alarms but with significant improvements as compared to the rest, including the admirable louder volume.

With this latest mode designed to overcome bedwetting in some weeks without medicines, you are likely to obtain the highest quality solution at lowest price.

There is no need to doubt its effectiveness, as it is recommended by doctors and big health agencies such as FDA. This indicates that the system has undergone clinical trials to overcome the enuresis issue in kids as well as deep sleepers.

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The Salient Features

The new device is lighter in weight as well as compact enough to fit nicely and in the intended place. The wearable unit is sleep, colorful, compact, and easy to use. The device comes with the educational book on bedwetting, a sticker reward mechanism, calendar, and instructions present in six different languages so that anybody across the world can use it hassle-free.

There are no cumbersome safety pins or tapes coupled with arduous sewing. While Malem alarms come with a safety pin, this one does not. Available in different colors, this alarm system also features a two-step turn off setting as well as two AAA non-rechargeable batteries. Let’s explore its other features!

Magnetic Technology for Attachment

With the magnet in place, there is no need to rely on relatively uncomfortable sewing for attaching, tape that can come off, or pinning with the risk of cloth tearing. Instead of a safety pin, this unit employs a magnet-style attachment that eliminates the risk of boring a hole into the kid’s wear. The size is small and it effortlessly affixes to any undergarment. The unit is seriously unobtrusive to the sleeper’s ability to nap comfortably.

Five Alarms

The device comes with five audible alarms, which is the limit of the U.S. Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA) for awaking the very deep sleepers. Along with these alarms, the system holds a vibrating alarm to be used together with the alarms for better discretion or alert incidence. The alarm rings instantly as soon as the drops of urine get detected by the magnetic sensor.

For shutting off the alarm, the system offers a two-step process instead of just a single button to do so. This ensures the kid does not just turn off the alarm, ignore bedwetting, and sleep again. As a result, the kid is forced to get up despite being in deep sleep.

While the sound is not that louder than other famous alarms such as that of the Malem Ultimate for hearing it from another room, it is audible enough to wake up kids from sleep without any scariness. You might consider using a baby monitor to see whether the alarm goes off or not.

Alarm Combinations

You choose from alarm only, vibrate only, or vibrate and alarm.


• Lightweight
• Small but strong
• Easy to use
• Intact clipping
• No risk of holes in bedtime clothing
• More affordable than other branded alarms
• Durable
• Optimal comfort
• Washable sensor
• FDA, Health Canada, and ISO approved


• Not that loud for some (quieter than Malem)
• Not so strong clips for those who turn and toss a lot in sleep
• False alarm (but rare)


This U.S.A. made system is certainly one of the affordable alarms ensuring versatility and sensor responsiveness. It is likely to make your kid happier.

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