TheraPee – The World’s #1 Bedwetting Solutions?

With 30 years of professional research and practical application, TheraPee has come up with a combination of an advanced bedwetting alarm mingled together with a web based software to enhance the sleeping experience of people who are having natural medical problems. So without wasting a much of time, let’s jump into its features and qualities.

What’s so special?

It comes with two parts: bedwetting alarm and sensor pad. But the alarm is combined with an online software which guides the patients towards dry nights and helps them to sleep with utmost comfort and without any hindrance while they are sleeping.

The STOPEE pad is created with latest technology which avoids false alarms due to humidity or sweat. With the first drop of the urine it responds by alarming out loudly and will make you aware accordingly.

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Now talking of the sensor pads, they are comfortable as they are made with help of PVC material which makes it reliable and last longer as compared to other wacky products. Moreover, this material (according to the vendors) has got no side effects and hence will not damage your skin or any part of body in any manner.

Upon ordering the product, the caretaker will be provided with an activation code which will further lead them access the visualization chart showing the user’s progress.

After logging in the first time to the software, a short video welcomes you and guides you to the process of THERAPEE – “how the problem of bedwetting will be resolved at home itself”.

How does Therapee work?

1. First of all, the censor pad is placed underneath the sheet.
2. Then the bedwetting alarm is placed near the child’s bed connected with a thin cable.
3. With the first hint of wetness the alarm is activated.
4. Parent comes to the child’s room and send them to the bathrooms
5. Along with this alarm, an online session is also consulted.
6. Twice a week this session is provided where treatment is monitored and special exercises to increase bladder capacity is made for the patient to learn in order to achieve dry nights.
7. There is also FAQs included in the program so that if there is any difficulty faced by the user, it can be solved.


• Advanced piece of tech
• Extremely safe, user-friendly, and provides comfort to the user.
• Comes with an extra protected child lock.
• Sensitivity level of 7 degree ensuring no fake alarms.
• 10 types of sounds with volume control.
• Different LED indicators for different functions.
• Comes with a clear and easy to understand manual.


• There is no risk of radiation as there is no radio transmitter.
• There are no wires attached with the child’s body.
• Strong loud voice is produced by the alarm.
• It is super accurate and works at a faster speed.
• It has low consumption battery.


• According to some reviews, there are some chances of overheating.
• Quite expensive compare to alternative (such as top seller Malem Ultimate), might burn a hole in your pocket.
• Some consumers have also complained that it goes off even in the case of dryness.

Last words

Despite of the cons, many customers have strongly recommended this product claiming it to be worth every single penny. Along with the alarm, the interactive session is very useful for the user.
Does it worth its high price? This is only for you to decide, especially when looking at competition!

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