Malem Ultimate Review

Whether your child is 7 years or 12 years old, bedwetting can be quite embarrassing. If you have used all possible treatments but are unable to stop bedwetting, Malem Ultimate alarm is worth trying to get the desired result. It is a small but a single tone alarm that aims to stop bedwetting in just three to four weeks at the most, for helping kids and parents across the globe.

Its effectiveness is undoubtful from the fact that it has won several awards and consequently has obtained international popularity of being a reliable way to treat enuresis in both boys and girls, especially while asleep. The alarm maximises effectiveness by offering several selectable indicators, as per your needs.

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Salient Features

The alarm boasts an ergonomic design, colourful look, smart functionality, and compact, lightweight size (53g). You can expect all possible advanced features of Malem alarms in this one. Made by keeping in mind the different sleepwear, the alarm fits well to briefs, underwear, pullups, and pajamas. It is FDA recommended alarm with a small monitor easily clipping on the shirt or top. The soft cord to the sensor clamp easily fits inside the shirt, keeping the product in place even if the kid moves or tosses while asleep. Let’s dig out other salient features.

Advanced Easy-Clip Sensor Technology

This technology has two components namely, Quick Detect and Secure Grip. The grip enables the clip-on sensor to affix itself effortlessly to cotton underpants. This is the only sensor for alerting in case of improper fastening. However, unlike alarms of lower quality having taped-on sensors, the grip component locks the sensor to retain it in place even if there is wearer’s movement.

The alarm is affixed to a small clip-on sensor sensing moisture and securing to the outside of fitting underwear. Inside the clip, there are sensor contacts due to which sweating or skin contact does not ring the alarm. Until you remove the sensor, the alarm rings continuously, allowing the kid to respond effectively. The clip sensor even features better grip. It works satisfactorily for detecting any wetness.

The Quick Detect component enables the alarm to sense the first moisture drop. It swiftly detects the urinal drips, due to which the child is alerted quickly via an alarm. The technology has been tested and fine-tuned for rendering timely and quick feedback by amalgamating sound, light, and vibration to awake the kid who is sleeping deeply. This allows the child to use the toilet quickly.

Tamper Proof Switch of Selection

The switch to select the indicators of sound only, vibration only, or sound and vibration is tamper proof. This means nothing can alter its function and that you can easily set it. The switch is within the battery compartment so that there is no unintentional switching. All three settings turn on the flashlight.

Eight Sounds

The unit allows you to select one of the eight sounds or you can permit it to choose a sound randomly. Even your kid can do so. Either select a specific tone or run eight random tones. The sounds are loud, as they are particularly selected for waking up children.


The ULTIMATE unit features reasonably priced AAA batteries lasting 10 times longer than the batteries with the standard button used in other alarms.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use for the child
  • Comfortable and effective
  • Loud sound to be heard even in another room
  • In-place clips
  • Affordable considering the results
  • Durable
  • Approval from FDA and CE
  • Smartphone app for details and tips


  • Learning curve for the best setup
  • Clip breaking off


This alarm is reliable those kids who are deep, heavy sleepers, perhaps because of the strong and penetrating audible, vibrating, and glowing indicators to wake up.

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