Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Wetting

bed wetting q & a
Let’s face it. Bedwetting or enuresis is a taboo for most people. But did you know that it actually happens more often than we think – or at least, once in everyone’s lives?


Here are the most common questions we are getting on our website:

What are the causes for bedwetting?

For infants and juniors below 4 years of age, bedwetting is usually normal and is either caused by (1) a child’s bladder filling immediately because of it being small from or by (2) a child’s sleep going uninterrupted because of him being tired from playing all day; hence the involuntary act of wetting the bed.Fore more bedwetting help check out this article.

Is it common for a 40-year-old to wet the bed?

It depends on that person’s current health situation.

Because for adults and seniors, it only becomes abnormal because of further complications from serious conditions like that of having anomalies in one’s nervous system – one where the brain fails to completely recognize, and ultimately receive, signals from one’s full bladder when sleeping; hence, the reason why that person uncontrollably wets his bed.

Else, it is usually normal – just like when one was still a child and wasn’t able to get up from the bed to pee due to exhausting tasks that goes with life itself.

Can being pregnant cause bedwetting?

…when one was still with a child and wasn’t able to get up from the bed to pee due to the restraining tasks that goes with pregnancy itself.

Can night sweats lead to bedwetting?

It depends on that person’s current environmental situation.

And because night sweating can sometimes be deemed as an alternative way for your body to flush out any kind of toxin that might have stuck on you the entire day, it can also be deemed that your body won’t produce as much pee as you’ll have already sweat it out during the night instead.

Is there any medicine for bedwetting?

There is, but it’s more of a rigorous training than an extensive treatment. This involves hourly monitoring (esp. for infants) and potty training (esp. for children below 4 years of age); as well as the right amount of sleep to fall into the whole night (esp. for adults) and just enough amount of water to drink upon the entire day (esp. for seniors).

Does bedwetting in adults signify an underlying illness?

It depends. As already mentioned before, it only becomes abnormal for adults to seniors when further complications arise from serious conditions back in their younger years.

A tip? Have yourself checked by an expert for this, or simply, change your lifestyle for the better.

Can drinking too much cause bed wetting?

It also depends. Drinking too much, after all, usually makes one energetic rather than tired from doing what he needed to do for the day.

That being said, you’ll still be up and going around – something that is, safe to say, allows you to pee as you would normally do.

Why do children wet in their bed more often in cold weather?

That’s because children have small bladders, which constrict as their bodies start to use every organ they have available to in order to keep themselves warm.

How to deal with a bedwetting issue and my girlfriend?

Be honest to her right from the get-go. Open up about what makes it a unique case, but also something that you have to live with without compromising your daily life. Ask for help and come up with a solution together, one that will definitely be granted to you without hesitation if you accept that some things only need to be communicated in order to be worked on for the best.