New DryEasy with Volume Control

Bedwetting is problematic for both kids and parents. To treat it, there are several bedwetting alarms to consider, which do their job without any need of medications.
If you are looking for a bedwetting alarm that is easy to use and low in cost, the new DryEasy alarm is certainly one of the reliable choices to make.

The unit, just as other alarms, alerts your kid once the bed starts getting wet. This helps not only in staying dry while asleep but also in stop bed wetting.
The DryEasy alarm has been designed to act as a kid-friendly unit featuring superior design for maximum comfort. For optimal integrity, the design also incorporates a clamping system providing pressure as twice as the included clips.

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Salient Features

Unlike other alarms, this unit comes with volume control settings as well as sound and vibration indicators. Yes, there is no light indicator but it still effectively awakes the child when the initial urine drops are sensed. Both sound and vibration can be activated either at once or separately. Further, the open-cover design makes maintenance through cleaning uch easier. Let’s explore its extra features!

The Secured ToggleSmart Sensor Technology

The alarm system has two main components: the sound monitor and sensor clip. The sensor clip is attached to the child’s underwear for detecting the first drops of urine, as the initial sign of wetness. The monitor is affixed to the clip via a soft wire and is clipped to the top or shirt.

Upon detecting the initial drops, the unit vibrates, triggers an alert, or does both. This is enough to wake up the kid. Just ensure pinning the monitor near to the kids’ ear due to which most parents choose the shirt’s neckline for putting it.

The ToggleSmart sensor is the brand’s newly designed detector due to which it can fix all key deficiencies found in other alarm sensors. One such improvement is the incorporated toggle clamp technique due to which the sensor is attached securely and easily for raising an alarm quickly. The smart toggle feature complicates the procedure to change the settings or turn the unit off while the users are hardly awake, thus ensuring safety while asleep.

Sound and Vibration Alerts

While some superior alarms offer three combinations of vibration, sound, and light; this one offers a pre-set combination of sound and vibration. You can switch to any of the three settings namely sound and vibration, vibration only, and sound only, as per your preference.

Eight Sounds and Multiple Volume Settings

The system comes with six distinct alert sounds due to which your child does not become too familiar with just one sound, finally, to ignore the alarm. You can set the alert to switch randomly between the six sound recordings at once or just trigger any one of them.

There are also four volume control settings, of which the highest one is of 85 decibels. When set, the volume setting is applicable to both sound and vibration due to which the unit is a reliable choice. With six sounds and four preset volumes, the alarm can be adjusted as per your personal needs.

Moreover, the discrete rendering ability of this unit allows keeping the bedwetting issue private so that others do not come to know about it, especially if your are out of home with the small ones.

Further, there is a two-step turnoff setting, due to which it is unlikely for your kid to fall asleep again after shutting off the alarm.


  • Cool design
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple volume settings
  • Most competitive price offering high quality
  • Secured
  • Durable cord
  • FDA and CE approved


  • Not that loud for few kids
  • Random alarms
  • Not as durable as some other bedwetting alarms


Consider this unit if you are on tight budget and do not want extra advanced features.

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