Chummie Premium for Deep Sleepers

A child feels quite awkward to see bedwetting even if he or she is 10 years old. For many of them, it is much like a chronic condition that has remained intact despite several treatments or aids. If this is the case with you, Chummie Premium can be your best bet.

It is a complete bedwetting treater encompassing convenience, protection, and affordability.

It is an award winning, doctor-recommended bedwetting alarm system encompassing all features required for swift detection of urine and discretion. If you look for it online, you will find that pediatric urologists suggest using Chummie for overcoming the issue of bedwetting.

Even kids love the friendly appearance, while parents love the convenience of this alarm system.

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Salient Features

Designed even smaller than a debit card, this tamper-proof alarm is controlled by a microprocessor, is light in weight, and is comfortably programmable even by a 5-year kid. Unlike other alarms, it comes with patented armband, an alternative but comfortable way of attaching the alarm to clipping. Another notable aspect of this system is hypoallergenic capability, which means it does not result in skin irritation in your kid. Let’s explore some more such features.

One-Drop Sensing Technology

The Chummie Premium alarm features the IntelliFlex sensor, which is revolutionary in itself. Well, it is a one-drop sensor, meaning it senses urine with its just one drop and raises an alarm. Further, it is composed of silicone that is resistant to corrosion.

The sensor’s comfort is boosted by the softness of the sensor’s silicone wrapping the distinct rounded corners. While Malem sensors are not so soft, this sensor is! The soft sensor also has a larger urine detection area than a majority of clip sensors in other alarms. This feature along the contour of the sensor with respect to the body shape makes the kid feel comfortable while wearing the alarm.

Light, Sound, and Vibration for Deep Sleepers

With these three indicators working at once, the alarm can wake up even the deepest sleeper and overcome bedwetting by then sleeping dry in just some weeks. The patented strong vibration, loud sound, and vibrant light never fail to wake your child when the first drop is sensed. The alarm imparts learning to your kid’s brain about the connection between waking and the full bladder signal. In just a few weeks, the kid wakes sooner until bedwetting is gone fully.

8 Sounds with 32 Combinations

The Premium alarm comes with eight unique and easy-to-apply sounds. Usually, you do not want your kid to get accustomed to a single alarm every night. Therefore, by changing up tone, you break this habit to change the habit of bedwetting more swiftly.

Along with eight standard tones, you obtain 32 distinct combinations of vibrations, sounds, and lights. Of these, the vibrations are more discrete, especially for kids who can easily be upset when someone listens the alarm, when out. Combining this with a vibration mode and two volume settings, the alarm is capable of awaking the deepest sleepers. Further, the unit comes with a motivational system of tracking the progress of your kid over time.


• Compact
• Easy to use
• One drop sensing capability, which is hypoallergenic
• Flexible, comfortable wearing, via clipping or as an armband
• 32 combinations of lights, vibrations, sounds
• Additional safety through microprocessor
• FDA and CE certified
• Smartphone app


• Not so loud sound for awakening the heavy sleepers
• False alarms
• Sensor coming off, sparingly


The Chummie Premium alarm has all that is expected from an advanced urine sensor. It is an affordable bet to consider with effective results, although at times, its cons may act as hurdles. Well, these cons are not there in Malem alarms!

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