Child’s Best Bedwetting Alarms

Your baby is growing and becoming a toddler. You were praying you wouldn’t have to go through this stage. Bedwetting is a common experience that a lot of children have. As a parent you want to tackle this head on in order to make sure your child does not become very upset about what is happening and his self-esteem is damaged because of it. What do you do? Are there any bedwetting alarms you can purchase? What is the most recommended brand?

Types of Alarms

Don’t be so quick to think your child needs medical attention. There are alarms that can help children get bed wetting under control. You can go to a medical store and decide what suits your particular needs.

Wireless – These alarms can be used in an effort to solve the problem while kids are sleeping. They will be aware they have a device because it is attached to their clothing. The sensor is attached to their clothes while the alarm is placed somewhere in the room. The key to this alarm is as soon as it feels wetness, it will set the alarm in the room. What’s interesting about this alarm is the child will not get disturbed and can sleep just like he sleeps on his bed.

Wearable – Once again you have the sensor and the alarm. The sensor is worn in the undergarment and the alarming component can be placed in his pocket. As soon as the sensor feels moisture, it sets off the alarm that is in the pocket. These two parts of this device are connected through a wire.

Another option is a Pad – Has been said to be by far the best bed wetting alarm. Why? Because kids do not need to attach anything to his or her instead thy can just sleep on a pad that looks like a sheet. The pad had a sensor that is built in. As soon as it senses wetness it will set the alarm immediately.

Just like anything else, as a consumer you are aware some brands are more popular than others. Same holds true when it comes to bedwetting alarms.

Popular brands

Malem Ultimate is leading the way when it comes to alarms. It is a combination of vibration, sound and light which will wake up the deepest sleeper. The sensor is very small in size and you must be careful you don’t lose it. It is also advanced.

Anzacare DRI Eclipse – This particular alarm has a remote, specifically a Urosensor remote which can be placed in the child’s undergarment and the receiver is kept on the table. You must switch the receiver on. The alarm will set soon as the sensor gathers moisture.

Pros of using alarms

Utilizing an alarm and having your child use these systems will help build their self-esteem because they are no longer showering their bed. This will help kids re-train their body to a normal bodily function and they can be proud of themselves for adjusting and no longer wetting the bed.

Cons of using alarms

The clip on the Malem alarm seems not to be as strong as it needs to be. If the clip breaks, some parents have stopped using it altogether which defeats the purpose of what they were trying to accomplish.

When getting an alarm for bedwetting, you can make this fun for you and your child. Make a chart and ask him to set a goal. If he accomplishes the goal, then you will purchase something just for him. Don’t make it all about “bedwetting”. Lighten up and help him to come out of this stage with a bruised self-esteem.