Anzacare DRI Eclipse Review

Bedwetting alarms are a useful device for parents who have young children prone to wetting the bed; particularly young children still in the process of being potty trained. These alarms usually consist of a small machine attached to the child’s pyjamas, which contains a sensor that sets off an alarm if it starts to get wet. Using suc a device has been proven to reduce bedwetting in around two thirds of children during use, and over half of the children remained dry after they stopped using the alarm.

One of the best known and highly regarded manufacturers for bedwetting alarms is a company called Anzacare. The company has become pioneer in the field by introducing a wireless product onto the market – The DRI Eclipse.

The alarm is ISO 13485:2003 certified and is considered one of the best and most effective alarms on the market for treating children with urinary incontinence.

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The Anzacare DRI Eclipse is an anti-bedwetting alarm designed for children that is highly efficient, comfortable and easy to use due, in large part, to its small, compact size. The alarm comes with flexible Urosensors that provide a large surface area allowing for early urine detection, thus expediting the likelihood of the alarm being activated at the exact moment urination begins. The comfortable nature of these Urosensors enables them to be worn on the skin, underneath the underwear.

The alarm was made with quality and durability in mind – there are no metals or other such corrosive elements on the device that would be in danger of depreciating over time, or after coming into contact with urine. This also protects the children using the device against any safety issues related to corrosion. Nine sensing strips on the alarm allow for maximum detection of urine as quickly as possible.

One of the most appealing and attractive features of the Anzacare is that it is a wireless alarm. This means it is simple to use for children as it removes the complexities of wires, and also means it is highly health and safety conscious. As mentioned above the sensor can easily be placed underneath underwear, against the skin and the receiver is switched on, thus notifying people once wetting starts by way of either a sound or a vibration.

The device is easy to clean and dries very quickly for immediate use once again. It is available in an array of bright, vibrant colors, which help make it more appealing to children while the tones are very loud so that they wake kids and/or parents from their sleep. Much like baby alarms the wireless signal can be transmitted and received across a number of different receivers that can be placed all around the home thus minimizing the risk of bedwetting.


  • The alarm is small and comfortable.
  • Warning tones are loud and effective.
  • Wireless system increases ease of use and reduces the discomfort and sofety risk of multiple wires.
  • It is available in a slick design, carrying an array of bright, appealing colors.


  • Really the only drawback to the device is its small size, which increases the likelihood of it being misplaced.


The DRI Eclipse is ISO certified, meaning it has passed stringent security and safety standards and regulation checks. Although arguably not as good as the high quality Malem Ultimate, the DRI Eclipse still makes for a good choice.

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