2021’s Best Bed Wetting Alarms Comparison Table

ProductAlarm TypeRating (Out of Five)ReviewClick below for latest prices
Malem Ultimate
Light, Sound & Vibration
4.9Click here to read our reviewAmazon Link
Light, Sound & Vibration
4.6Click here to read our reviewAmazon Link
Wet-Stop3 Enuresis AlarmSound & Vibration4.0Click here to read the reviewAmazon Link
NytoneSound & Vibration3.7Click here to read the reviewAmazon Link
New DryEasySound & Vibration3.7Click here to read the reviewAmazon Link
Chummie Premium Alarm LightSound & Vibration3.5Click here to read the reviewAmazon Link
Anzacare DRI EclipseSound & Vibration3.0Click here to read the reviewAmazon Link

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Bedwetting is extremely common, especially amongst young children and unfortunately – it can be hard to treat. One method of treating it is by purchasing a pee alarm, these simply alarm the user that they have wet the bed instantly after it happens, so that they can clean themselves up.

By the person getting into a routine where the alarm wakes them up, they may begin to naturally wake up after bed wetting without all the sounds/lights. When this occurs, this means that they are one step closer to the final goal of not wetting the bed.

How do bedwetting alarms work?

A bed wetting alarm works by getting the child into a natural routine of going to the toilet when their bladder is full. Initially, the gadget will wake them up by emitting a noise when it detects moisture, but after a few weeks – the child should naturally wake up to empty their bladder.

Should I get one?

The answer is hugely different for each person, some children may find it even more humiliating that they have one, especially if friends or siblings find out. Therefore, it is imperative that you think about whether it is worth it, and possible outcomes that could occur from you purchasing such a product.

Benefits of bed wetting alarms

These have a huge amount of benefits, such as:

• They get your child into a natural routine, which means less waking up in the night, and also less dirty bedding!
• They can improve a child’s confidence once they have got into the routine of going to the bathroom when they have a full bladder, as they will feel less humiliated.
• They are generally loud enough to wake up the child and a parent, this ensures that the parent can make sure the child changes their underwear.
• They require no prescription, simply buy online and it’s yours!

The main benefit is simply allowing your child to progress, without too much hassle and “getting on at them.” While some parents may believe that children simply wet the bed because they “can’t be bothered” to go to the toilet. This is not true, they simply haven’t taught their bodies to react to a full bladder, as adults have done.

How do you teach your child to react to a full bladder?

Different parents do this in different ways, and there is no correct way. However, I can assure you – using a bed wetting alarm is one of the best ways. Without an urine detection device, you would simply come into your child’s room in the morning to find that they have wet the bed, and by that time it is too late, and they won’t have progressed towards the final goal of not wetting the bed.
An urinary alert is a great device, that will wake your child should they wet the bed, slowly but surely getting them into the routine of waking up when their bladder is full!

Factors to consider when searching for the best bed wetting alarm

There are many factors to consider when purchasing one, such as:

1. Audio/Waking Mechanism: Some Bed Wetting Alarms wake the child by emitting a noise, and some use vibrations to alert the child. The different types can make a huge difference as to whether your child wakes up or not, especially if they are a heavy sleeper. The loudness of the noise is also important, as it needs to be able to wake up your child – especially if they are a heavy sleeper. If your child tends to be a heavy sleeper, purchasing an enuresis system that uses audio and vibrations may be a wise choice, as the combination should be able to wake the child in most cases, without frightening them.

2. Type : The sort you buy is also very important, here are the main types you should look out for.

o Clip On: Clip on products simply clip to a child’s clothing, and usually have a pad which is placed beneath the sheets. This makes sure that the child can be easily awoken, without needing to emit an extremely loud noise. However, do be aware that if your child tends to roll over a lot in their sleep, then the alarm could easily become separated from your child’s clothing, and this may affect how effective it is at awaking your child. However, clip on alarms can easily be operated by a child, and turned off by the child whether they visit the bathroom or not, so with these alarms you have to make sure the child visits the bathroom!

o Wireless: Wireless bedwetting alarms tend to have a higher price tag; however, they are much more effective. The main difference is that in wireless devices, the alarm and the sensor are not connected, unlike a clip on one. Therefore, it can be kept in the child’s room, away from their bed – this forces them to at least get out of bed to turn off the alarm, and with some positive encouragement – they can soon be trained to go to the bathroom. At first, it is best if you make sure the child does go to the toilet, and clean themselves up. However, as their natural reactions gradually progress, they will soon find themselves instantly going to the bathroom, without wetting the bed.

3. How long you plan to use it for: As a general guide, the devices shouldn’t be used for more than 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, if your child hasn’t naturally begun to use the bathroom during the night, then it is recommended to consult a doctor. However, some children may take longer than usual to get used to this routine. Children who are especially heavy sleepers may take longer, as the alarm will struggle to wake them up the majority of the time, and therefore your choice of alarm could hugely impact how well your child progresses.


Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm for Boys and Girls

The Malem Ultimate is currently one of the best enuresis alarms available, available in blue and pink – for all your children! But what makes this one different from others? Well, it is designed for even the deepest sleepers, with a combination of a whole trio of waking abilities included! These include sound, light and vibration, this ensures that regardless of how hard it is to wake your child up, the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm will succeed if it detects moisture. This particular bed wetting alarm is a “clip on” style alarm, even if your child tends to roll over a lot on a night, the secure grip technology will ensure that it manages to stay clipped!


• Quick at detecting urine.
• Lightweight
• Durable


• Unfortunately the Malem Ultimate is not the loudest on the market, and only offers a measly selection of one tone, which is fairly quiet. However, this is the only bad point about this device, everything else about it is excellent.


Chummie Premium Pee Alarm for Deep Sleepers

The Chummie Premium for Deep Sleepers is available in 3 various colours, which are blue, pink and green, accommodating even the fussiest of children! However, the main reason this alarm is so effective is that it has a combination of 8 various tones, as standard single tone alarms can mean that your child will get used to that tone, rendering it ineffective. This device also features 3 various waking abilities, light, sound and vibration – especially when paired with the volume control ability, this will easily awake even the deepest of sleepers! The sensor is also much comfier than other alarms, while being larger – this allows the sensor to be much more accurate, and still allow your child to get a great night’s sleep. If your child doesn’t like the alarm being clipped to their pyjamas, it can even be worn with the chummie armband – which allows side sleepers to get much more comfort.


• Innovative Technology
• Comfortable
• Accurate


• Tends to be only effective for a few months before needing replacing.
• The included tape isn’t always strong enough for some children, which causes the chummie sensor pad to move around, which means it may not always detect moisture.


New DryEasy with Volume Control

In order to accommodate all children, and to make sure they don’t get used to one single sound, the DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm features a full assortment of six various tones, along with vibration to wake up your child. If that isn’t enough to wake up your child, then the varying volume control should be, with a maximum loudness of 85 decibels! However, the settings can be changed to operate in 3 modes, sound, vibration, or sound and vibration – this allows it to be hugely comforting for children who don’t require the sound to wake them up.

The included toggle clamp is strong enough to keep the sensor pad in place in the majority of cases, and the sensor ensures even the smallest drop of urine is detected, giving your child an extra, precious few seconds to make it to the bathroom.


• Reliable
• Easy to Use
• Comfortable


• Clipping the sensor in place can be hard at first, however once it is in place – it will stay in place!
• It can be hard to shut the alarm off.


Wet-Stop3 Green Enuresis Bed Wetting Alarm

Currently this is one of the best apparatus currently available due to its innovative, and reliable technology – not to mention the great price! This is for a variety of reasons, such as the included reward system – which allows you to motivate your child, and also reward them for a dry night. The unit is also much smaller than competitive units, allowing it to be comfortable yet effective, and positioning it in place doesn’t require any pins, tape or sewing – unlike other units. It simply is powered by 2 AA batteries, meaning no more expensive, uniquely shaped batteries if the unit’s batteries go flat. The included cord simply goes up the child’s top, the clip secures the sensor in place while being incredibly comfortable. The increased comfort of the Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm allows your child’s sleep not to be interrupted by the alarm, unless they wet the bed.


• Best piece of equipment currently available.
• Available in 3 colours.
• For boys & girls.


This bedwetting alarm is much quieter than other alarms, which may require the parent to use a baby monitor to hear it.


Best Bed Alarm For Bedwetting Training

This may not be the best bedwetting alarm, as the title suggest, but it’s definitely a strong contender. The sensor pad is extremely small, yet incredibly accurate – allowing your child to have a good night’s sleep, without the pad getting in the way. The alarm is loud enough to wake the child up, along with the parent. The wireless design allows it to be much easier to use, as you don’t have to disconnect any cords before running to the bathroom.

The discreet, armband design makes it much more desirable for children to wear, which may come in handy if you’ve had a bad experience with other bedwetting alarms in the past. The solution will also vibrate and sound an alarm, ensuring that your child wakes up in time to get to the bathroom.


• Wireless Design
• Discreet
• Loud


• Some children may become incredibly scared by the gadget, which can mean you have to comfort your child before taking them to the bathroom.


In conclusion, it is up to you which bedwetting alarm is best for you and your child. This is because each one is different, and you will need to find the equilibrium between waking the child up, and not frightening them – as this may take you a step back in terms of training your child to use the bathroom.